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Chris Ying on Zero Foodprint Restaurants

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Chris Ying on Zero Foodprint Restaurants

We talk a lot about the sustainable impact of food and the restaurant industry all the time, where are our ingredients coming from? What impact does a certain ingredient have on the planet? How can a restaurant positively contribute to the a healthy eco system?

Chefs are asking themselves these questions more and more and, in recent years, taking it a step further by looking beyond the plate and analysing the effect the bricks and mortar of their restaurant has on the planet - Azurmendi in Spain being a good example.

At a recent talk during The Mad Symposium, Chris Ying, editor of Lucky Peach magazine, spoke about a new project he’s starting to help work alongside restaurants to reduce what he’s calling their ‘footprint’.

Ying has already spent a year working with Noma in Copenhagen and Prime Meats in New York to analyse the impact that each restaurant has on the environment.

The next stage of this project is to work closely with both restaurants to put systems into place that will make sure both restaurants have zero impact on climate change. This work is carried out through a number of different ways including a clever carbon offsetting program in Africa that Ying explains in the video.

Listen to the video to hear more.

Chris Ying: Zero Foodprint from on Vimeo.

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