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Chef Speaks Up on Mental Health in the Kitchen

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Chef Speaks Up on Mental Health in the Kitchen
Photo Screengrab/YouTube/ChefsFeed

Chris Cosentino is a California-based chef and one that has been very open and honest about his battle with mental illness, especially in this video released last year, which we wanted to highlight, as part of the ongoing discussion around mental health in the kitchen. 

To the outsider Cosentino seemed to have it all: his dream restaurant (Cockscomb in San Francisco), a successful TV career. But as he admits in the ChefsFeed video below, with his mental health rapidly deteriorating, and whilst trying to push on through in true cook's fashion, he was utterly miserable. The TV career wasn't all it cracked up to be either, as he revealed at the MAD food symposium back in 2014

The people around him started to notice and thankfully he got the help he needed, and he continues to manage his condition to this day. 

The vital need to address the mental welfare of those working in the industry is something we return to frequently on the site. Chef Daniel Patterson recently opened up about his battle with depression in a revealing article, while writer Kat Kinsman had this stark warning for the profession

Thankfully, with the likes of Cosentino willing to discuss his issues so candidly, we're slowly chipping away at the stigma of mental health in the kitchen. 

Watch below. 


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