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Chipotle's Top Female Executive Shares Secrets To Success

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Chipotle's Top Female Executive Shares Secrets To Success

Meet Gretchen Selfridge, the restaurant support officer at Chipotle Mexican Grill. What you may not know is that Selfridge is the company’s top female executive and runs half of the Chipotle's in the United States. So what does it take to be a boss at one of the fastest-growing restaurant chains on the planet?

Selfridge dished on the secret to her success in an interview in this month’s edition of Glamour magazine where she offers tips on how to become a better manager. The most important factor is sharing your knowledge, something she admits sounds counterproductive.

“When you give that knowledge to other people, it takes stuff off your plate, and it also helps [your employees] and empowers them. Most people think replacing yourself means getting fired, but it means getting promoted.”

After two decades on the job, Selfridge has a solid idea of what it takes to be a good female manager: “I think we can be much more approachable....Let people know they can come to you—you have an open-door policy. [My employees] know I'm approachable, so that's the friendly side, but they also know I have high expectations and I share those with them all the time."

Swing by Glamour to read the full article to find out the other qualities Selfridge thinks are important in a leader.

What do you think? Do you agree with her advice? Would you like to see more top female executives at your workplace? Tell us in the comments below!

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