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Chef Mistakes: David Higgs

By FDL on

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Chef Mistakes: David Higgs

A cut, a burn, a broken plate - what’s the worst mistake you’ve ever made in the kitchen? A dropped pancake? Burned chicken? How about a crazy reaction between aluminium and avocado? Over the past few years we’ve been asking some of the world’s best chefs to share with us a story about a time they really messed up in the kitchen, a mistake they made that will live with them forever.

It’s easy for us to forget that chefs, the ones who execute work every day that pursues perfection, make mistakes, but they do. In fact, speak with any of the world’s great chefs and they’ll tell you that the mistakes are more important than the successes.

The next chef to reveal their Chef Mistake is David Higgs from the Marble Restaurant in South Africa, Higgs is known for his controlled demeanour, his controlled approach to fire and cooking and his controlled approach to the kitchen - but just don’t ask him to make you an avocado timbal.

We don’t want to spoil it by saying much more than we already have, just watch as Higgs recounts a tale from his early days working in the kitchen.


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