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Jeremiah Tower: Aim for Benchmark, Not a BMW

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Jeremiah Tower: Aim for Benchmark, Not a BMW

Here’s another great video from the fourth MAD Symposium with chef Jeremiah Tower talking about his interesting career in the food world.

Classed by many as the original celebrity chef, Tower has owned some of the most famous restaurants in the States and worked at some of the most iconic establishments in the country.

In the video he discusses his career, his time at Alice Waters’s Chez Panisse restaurant in California and how working in that kitchen moulded his approach to cooking. He also spoke about his restaurant, Stars, a place once described as the most democratic restaurant in the world. 

Benchmarks, Not the BMW - is a look at how to approach work in the kitchen, how to source ingredients and how chefs can work to encourage a change in ding habits.

The chef looks at the matter of trends in the industry, how they are always going to happen and how we should be careful to chase trends in the kitchen.

Jeremiah Tower: "Benchmarks, Not the BMW" from on Vimeo.

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