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Chef Jacob Holmstrom: "Fine Dining Is Entertainment"

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Chef Jacob Holmstrom: "Fine Dining Is Entertainment"

In a few weeks, the Venice lagoon will host the 2012 S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup, a competition that blends two passions - sailing and fine dining - in perfect Italian style.

While waiting for the behind-the-scenes scoop and an exclusive video from Fine Dining Lovers, we’d like to introduce you to the young talented chefs who will cook aboard the sail boats.

Today we are going to know Jacob Holmström, a 30-year old Swedish chef born and raised in a family of restaurant owners. Jacob is the owner of Gastrologik, which opened in Stockhholm in June 2011.

Here is what he has revealed about himself and his food world.

Describe your cooking style with three keywords.
Simple, clean and focused on the produce.

Which is the first taste you remember and why?
Soft whey butter, I used to love it as a kid.

If you were a dish, which one would you be?
Oyster Rockefeller. Imagine being wrapped in bacon. And people would eat me in one bite…

Which is the dish you prefer to prepare and the one you prefer to eat?
I love cooking fish and shellfish, I would say a whole grilled monkfish would be a nice option. I would definitely like to eat that one too!

Who or what is your main source of inspiration?
I find inspiration everywhere as most chefs. But the most important one is definitely the produce itself.

Tradition and innovation: which is the relationship with these words, and how is it applied to your cuisine?
All innovation is made by people who master tradition, you can't have one without the other. I would say we are more of an innovative, yet natural restaurant.

What is fine dining for you? How do you think new generations are changing this idea and making it evolve?
For me fine dining is an entertainment. For example, instead of going to the opera or the theater you spend four hours at a restaurant.

Which will be, according to you, the next big trend related to food and conviviality?
I would say that we will keep digging deeper into nature and getting more natural. But all trends goes in cycles.


Update: the young chef from Sweden gained the second place at the S.Pellegrino Cooking Cup! With the ingredients from the Mistery Basket  prepared a 'Cured and acidulated Mackerel with peas in Rice and creamy eggs yolk' 




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