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The Celebrity Chef is Nothing New - Really, Just Watch This Video

By FDL on

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The Celebrity Chef is Nothing New - Really, Just Watch This Video

Here’s the latest video from MAD 4, the symposium organised by Rene Redzepi and this year co-curated by the Brazilian chef Alex Atala.

We’ve already brought you their first video of a noodle master showing off his skills and now we have this speech from Paul Freedman discussing Celebrity Chefs, Past and Present.

Freedman is a professor of history at Yale University and in the video sets about presenting some of his thoughts on how the celebrity chef has always existed - even going back to ancient Rome - and that famous chefs around the world are nothing new.

It’s a great look at how the work of chefs has always been deemed an important role in society and, as much as the role is now changing, there are striking similarities between today’s celebrity chefs and those throughout history.

Freedam is a fountain of interesting knowledge and the way he applies it to telling engaging stories - he talks off the importance of the restaurant and how this changed the way chefs worked and operated, backing away from the kitchens of rich aristocracy and into the kitchens of their very own restaurants.

Paul Freedman: "Celebrity Chefs, Past and Present" from MAD on Vimeo.

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