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Diners Share 22 of their Worst Restaurant Experiences

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Diners Share 22 of their Worst Restaurant Experiences
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As many restaurants as there are that provide the perfect dining experience, the kind of restaurants that grace the online pages of Fine Dining Lovers, there are just as many offering the complete opposite. Bad food, bad service, filthy premises and a bad attitude – some restaurants just don’t have a clue how to treat their customers.

This thread on Reddit asked: “What happened to make you say ‘I’m never coming to this restaurant again’”? There were thousands of responses, but we’ve picked out some of the best for you below.

Any to add? Let us know over on our Facebook page. Also, check out chefs share 23 of the stupidest food orders ever, for the view from the other side.


Diners share 22 of their worst restaurant experiences



Went to a restaurant on my birthday. They found out and surprised me with a huge piece of cake. Then they added the cake to the receipt.


Was eating at a Chinese restaurant where you order rice by the bowl. From the angle I was sitting I saw the waiters taking half uneaten bowls of rice and dumping them back into the rice cooker.


The little brownie mix package was baked into the goddamn brownie.


My wife had an allergic reaction, clearly mentioning she was allergic to eggs. They said that creamy substance was cream cheese, but it was mayo. 15 minutes later, she was intubated in the emergency room. Nope, never going there again. Anyway the restaurant closed last year.


A family owned restaurant didn't honour a three week in advance reservation for Valentine's day, but instead overbooked and didn't seat us until an hour later, then proceeded to give us silverware and ask us for drinks 20 minutes after that. We just said not to bother and left.


I was just enjoying my pho when I felt something hard on my tongue. I pulled it out of my mouth and it was a bitten off toenail.


There was hair baked into my quesadilla. Like, enough I was concerned for the health of the chef.


There was a partially frozen, entire stick of butter on my steak.


Chinese restaurant. They stored their 'to go' containers in the restaurant bathroom.


My wife is celiac. So, really intense real gluten "allergy." We get a gluten-free menu. It lists chicken and waffles. She orders it. Takes a few bites. Comments that it's the best gluten-free waffle she's ever tasted. Starts to feel sick. Asks the waiter. "Oh, the waffle isn't gluten-free, just the chicken."


Raw chicken in my taco. My beef and cheese taco.

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After we waited for a table, we sat down and were served a basket of bread. First person to take a piece, split open the loaf and a baby cockroach crawled out, across the table.


I found a full, deep fat fried, electrical diode in my chips ... then someone offered me weed.


I had a lemon thrown at me. Well the lemon was thrown by a server at another server – his aim was off so it hit me instead.


The sushi I ordered used rice from tinned rice pudding.


I found a cooked cigarette butt in the bottom of the chip basket. Didn’t see it until I'd eaten my way to the bottom.


A full rubber glove in my never-ending salad ... it ended my salad.


Four of us out for beers and snacks at an outdoor patio ... The bill comes and looks completely out of whack, so we call the waiter back over. He calmly explains (as though this somehow makes sense) that he hadn't actually bothered to keep track of the number of beers we drank, he just decided to average it out as he figured we each likely drank one per hour.


Can't remember the name of it, but once went to a restaurant where the waitress dropped half of my meal on the floor... she then preceded to scrape it up onto the plate again and tried to serve it to me.


I asked for a steak medium rare. Server told me, their steaks are pre cooked and they just gonna heat it up in the microwave, so they cant influence their degree of doneness.


The waitress asked me how I wanted my meat cooked. She meant like rare or medium or was CHICKEN. I said, "...well done..."


I went to lunch with a group of co-workers. Came to be my turn to order and when I did the waitress literally said "Ew" I said "excuse me?" And she replied "that sounds gross" "Yup, that's what I want..."



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