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The Worst Mistake People Make When Cooking Steak

By FDL on

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The Worst Mistake People Make When Cooking Steak
Photo Taryn / Flickr

Everyone has their own method for making a perfect steak, some chefs like to baste it, some roast, some cook at extremely high temps - whatever your method, we’re pretty sure you’re willing to take some advice to make your steak taste better.

Step in Anthony Bourdain with this video from Tech Insider. In the video, which is embedded below, Bourdain sets about explaining the worst mistake people make when cooking a steak.

For him it’s all about the point at which a steak is removed from the pan. It’s at this point that Bourdain says the meat should be left to sit for at least five minutes, seven if you can force yourself to wait that long.

Bourdain’s whole point is not to touch it, poke it, slice it - just walk away and let those juices spread out evenly across the meat.

It’s a solid tip and one everyone should be following.

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