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Anthony Bourdain’s 3 Rules for a Perfect Burger

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Anthony Bourdain’s 3 Rules for a Perfect Burger
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How do you make the perfect burger? Everyone has their own interpretation, from the patty to the toppings and the bun, but for globetrotting chef-author Anthony Bourdain, there’s one question you should ask yourself when cooking a burger: is what I’m doing improving this classic dish?

For Bourdain, it’s all about simplicity: the right ingredients, the right condiments and an all round less is more approach – you should be able to eat that burger with one hand, with a taste of every element in each bite, without half of it ending up on your clothes.

So, a classic potato bun, good quality well ground beef and preferably processed meltable cheese. Maybe lettuce and tomato, ketchup and at a push, a slice of bacon, but that’s it. Everything else is just superfluous and makes wolfing down a delicious burger more difficult than it has to be.

We agree – there's nothing worse as a diner than a burger arriving and having to spend time working out how you're going to eat it.

Watch the video from Tech Insider below and why not check out another video, where the matter-of-fact Bourdain calls out the one mistake everyone makes when cooking a steak.

Is it time to sous vide your burger?

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