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30 Things That Drive Chefs Crazy

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30 Things That Drive Chefs Crazy
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We’ve previously highlighted the things that drive all chefs crazy, from little niggles to apoplectic rage-inducing – indeed it’s something chef and writer Paul Sorgule picked up on in this brilliant piece for us. We also opened the floor to our readers, who didn’t hold back when it came to sharing the things that nearly push them over the edge every day. So, we’ve decided to draw up a list of universal peeves all chefs can relate to.

Here then, in no particular order, are 30 things that drive chefs crazy. We’re sure you’ll recognise many of these with a shudder. Any missing? Let us know over on our Facebook page.

30 things that drive chefs crazy

1. Undependable vendors

2. Salespeople who don’t know their products

3. Lateness

4. Not showing up with no call

5. Dull knives

6. Lack of respect for ingredients

7. Not labelling and dating

8. Waste

9. Things not returned to their proper place

10. Cleanliness, both personal and around the kitchen

11. Asking others to taste before tasting yourself

12. Not being ready

13. Inconsistency

14. Rude customers

15. Not doing your job to the best of your ability

16. Lack of teamwork

17. "Not my job" 

18. Being carefree about breakages

19. Leaving pan handles over the gas flame

20. Walking off the line to smoke when it’s busy

21. Dish modifications from customers

22. Cellphones on the line

23. Opening cans with knives

24. Fake allergies

25. Borrowing knives/tools without asking

26. Slow walkers

27. Back chat

28. Food trends

29. Not answering when tickets are called

30. Throwing food


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