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Albert Adria Wants You To Be Afraid

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Albert Adria Wants You To Be Afraid

Here’s Albert Adria speaking at MAD 4 about fear and why we are never too old to be afraid. Adria adds his own definition of fear as a ‘creative engine’, how fear can drive creativity and some of the things that have scared him in his career.

He talks of the things that scared him when he began the 41 Degrees project in Barcelona and then onto Tickets which opened just 3 months after.

He speaks about the fear of carrying the weight of a restaurant like elBulli into new projects and how hard it would be to step out of the limelight of his brother, Ferran.

The running theme throughout the presentation is about confronting fears and using them as a catalyst for creativity and a way to motivate.

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Albert Adrià: "Be Afraid" from on Vimeo.

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