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An After Party Chat with Chef Paco Roncero

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An After Party Chat with Chef Paco Roncero
Photo Courtesy Paco Roncero

Chef Paco Roncero spoke with FDL after the party about his work and the experience of the first elBulli night in London.

Is it possible for those who never managed to visit elBulli, to have the same food at your restaurant La Terraza del Casino, or is it only possible at an event like this, with ‘elBulli catering’?
It’s very important to remember that elBulli is Ferrán Adrià, and he is unique! The La Terraza de Casino, on the other hand, is Paco Roncero. Each has his own personality and way to elaborate the dishes, even if we share a common base of creative cuisine.

At the party, someone paid £30,000 at the auction for an experience at El Taller de Paco Roncero in Madrid. What kind of experience are you planning to offer?
We have a kitchen well equipped for culinary creations, but one that is integrated with multisensory experiences derived from high technology standards, combined with a subtle atmosphere, exposed to emotions. Their experience is going to be unforgettable!  

How was the overall experience at the event for you and your team?
It was a challenge and a very special experience for all of us. We had several memorable moments, and meeting Sir Elton John was one of them! He is a great personality!

Do you think that chefs are becoming rock stars? Are people more interested in the chef than in the food at events like this?
We are living in a time where chefs are getting a lot of attention, and we have to use that opportunity. However, it’s important not to lose focus on what is essential – the kitchen!

If you want to have a look at the video interview with Paco Roncero by Grey Goose before the party click here, and here is an exclusive behind-the-scenes video with the chef!

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