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50 Best Restaurants: FDL Revisits Arzak

By FDL on

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With just over a month left before the World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards, an event sponsored by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, FDL will be taking a look back at some of the chefs and restaurants who have featured both on the list and on

The first is the Spanish chef, Juan Mari Arzak, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. Arzak invited us to San Sebastian, Spain, to visit him at his restaurant. While there we watched him at work in his test kitchen. We were also lucky enough to get a sneak peak inside the chef's flavor bank, a room that houses over 3,000 herbs, spices and tastes from around the world.

This is an intimate portrayal of a chef who is passionate about local produce, someone who is happy when he cooks and someone who makes some of the most amazing plates of food in the world. His daughter and prodigy, Elena Arzak, who received the Veuve Cliquot Best Female Chef at the 50 best awards, also features in the video - many believe it will be her who picks up the mantle when dad retires.

And don't forget we'll be streaming the entire World's 50 Best Restaurant Awards live...

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