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Pampshades: Tasty Lamps Made From Real Bread

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Pampshades: Tasty Lamps Made From Real Bread

Yukiko Morita has an obsession with bread. So much so that the Japanese designer has created Pampshade, a new line of "tasty" lamps made from actual bread.

Pampshade, a combination of the word pain (bread in French) and lampshade, comes is different shapes and sizes. The collection includes croissants, batards, baguettes, boules and coupes which are either powdered by LED batteries or need to be connected to a socket.

Morita revealed her unique design at 2014 Tokyo Designers Week. She explains her labor of love consists of "bread flour, weak flour, salt, yeast, LED, batteries" and other secret ingredients. "I love bread. Bread is cute, I want to take a long look at it,'' Morita says on her blog. 

Her passion for bread took shape back in 2006 when she worked part-time at a bakery in Kyoto. Since then she's been dreaming of ways to incorporate bread into design and Pampshades has allowed her to do just that.

Here's a look at some of her creations but for more information on where to purchase them, swing by Morita's website.

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