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The World's Largest Pack of Crisps

By FDL on

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The World's Largest Pack of Crisps

We've got used to seeing giant foods created by chef Heston Blumenthal and were impressed when he recently decided to create the world's biggest ice cream and the world's biggest boiled egg for his new TV series Fantastical Foods. Now a a crisp company in the UK is laying claim to creating the world's largest ever packet of crisps.

Created by Corkers Crisps, the huge bag of crisps rocks in at 1 tonne and doubles the size of the Japanese crisp maker who had held the original world record. Unfortunately the giant bag doesn't contain human size crisps but instead is packed with 6,666 smaller packets of crisps allowing people at the company's family fun day to sample a piece of the record.

To qualify for the record the company had to fry all the crisps in one batch - a job that the Telegraph Newspaper report took 17-hours.

The crisps, all sea salt flavor, will be sent on tour throughout the UK allowing people to grab a sample and helping to promote the companies rather large PR Stunt.

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