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Wine Pens: Genius Or Bizarre?

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Wine Pens: Genius Or Bizarre?
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We've seen some pretty amazing things made from wine, everything from chairs made of champagne corks to candles made from recycled wine bottles. But wine pens? Well, they take the cake when it comes to creativity.

These amazing wine pens were produced by Casa Mariol, a winery in Spain. According to the video below, company employees twinkered with the winery's cabernet sauvignon until they achieved the perfect fluid ink for writing.

The wine pens were then sent out to potential customers along with a form so they could place their order using the ink made from winey's cabernet.

We give the winery points for inventiveness but we're not sure what to make of the wine pens. What do you think: are the wine pens a genius idea or just a huge waste of wine?

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