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Scott Gunderson's Wine Cork Art

By FDL on

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Scott Gunderson's Wine Cork Art

Wine Corks are one of those indispensable products - they're needed because they serve a purpose and they serve it well. That's why the wine cork hasn't really changed for hundreds of years.

The problem is they are often wasted, thrown away after enjoying the bottle never to be seen again. However, one man, Scott Gundersen, sets about creating large scale portraits with used wine corks.

After drawing the outline based on a photograph Scott sets about pinning corks on the painting in varying colors to reflect tone and depth. With Scott spending hours on each painting and some of them having over 9,000 corks the results of his painstaking work are amazing.

Here's a video to see just how much work goes into a piece.

It's a great use for used wine corks and one that turns what is essentially a basic plug into a piece of art. If you fancy having a go your self, most probably on a smaller scale to begin with, there's a tutorial video showing you how to make your very own wine cork painting.


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