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The Whisky Bottle Made By Bees

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The Whisky Bottle Made By Bees

The folks at Dewar's have come up with a wicked ad campaign for the launch of their new Highlander Honey Whisky. What's the big buzz about?

Using what they call '3B' honey printing, the company 'hired' 80,000 bees to build a beehive in the shape of a whisky bottle. The worker bees were aided by a beekeeper and a bottle mold that mimicked their natural environment. These multi-tasking bees also produced honey that was used in the production of the company's honey whisky.

''The 3B printing project is both symbolic of the craftsmanship that goes into making each bottle of the new Dewar’s Highlander Honey and the modern attitude of our consumer – ‘the drinking man’ – who is intrigued by the innovation of 3D printing', said Arvind Krishnan, Dewar's VP brand managing director.

The video below illustrates the entire process - from the time a beekeeper grabs his tools and dials the elevator to the moment he walks into a room full of bees and unveils the shapely beehive.

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