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What Happens Inside a Dishwasher

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What Happens Inside a Dishwasher

Ever wonder what goes on inside your washing machine once you close the door? Probably not, but we bet at least a few of you have had the same inclination as Bito, you probably just didn’t run out by a water proof camera and hook up the inside of your machine.

That’s exactly what’s depicted in the video below, as You Tuber Brito films a full wash cycle inside his dishwasher.

It’s strangely hypnotic to watch something you would probably bet on being as dull as watching a bad coloured paint dry - it’s actually pretty cool to see.

There’s over four minutes of video below, yes, four whole minutes of unadulterated dishwasher love. Want to take your dishwasher love even further, why not stop using it to clean and cook a few dishes inside it.

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