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WATCH: What Astronauts Eat For Thanksgiving

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WATCH: What Astronauts Eat For Thanksgiving
Photo NASA

Ever wonder what astronauts eat for Thanksgiving? Odds are while you are at home stuffing yourself with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and freshly baked pumpkin pie, astronauts in orbit are feasting on thermo-stabilized food. Sound delicious?

According to this video from NASA, American astronauts may pick and choose from these holiday favorites: irradiated turkey, candied yams in a pouch, freeze-dried cornbread dressing, dehydrated mashed potatoes, green beans and mushrooms, and powdered beverages that just require the addition of water.

There's one more detail that makes this out-of-this-world feast even more unique: leftovers are not allowed. That's because there is no refrigerator on board so astronauts either have to finish their entire meal or toss the remainder. Bummer!

Watch Vickie Kloeris, food system manager at the International Space Station, and NASA commentator Pat Ryan discuss what astronauts eat for Thanksgiving

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