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10 Weird and Wonderful Food Vending Machines

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10 Weird and Wonderful Food Vending Machines
Photo LetsAllStayCalmHere / Flickr

There’s something about vending machines that’s quite irresistible. Whether it’s the childhood memories of the numbered candies, the strategic positioning of the machines on a weary commuter route home or salivating over the line-up of salty and sweet snacks behind a glass screen in a weak moment. We can all probably think of a time when a vending machine got us out of a tight spot of hunger or thirst.

Convenience food on tap is what vending machines have offered us historically although these days with increasing consumer demand matched with technology, seems we are asking for more. Imagine if you could get something hot or freshly cooked from a vending machine that meant you could avoid having to roll up your sleeves in the kitchen or pacing up and down supermarket aisles.

Vending machines seem up to the challenge. They're thinking big, and they're taking plastic.

If you want to snack on convenience caviar while you shop, or sip on Moet and Chandon mini size, lunch on hot mashed potato and gravy or burritos or even just a farm fresh snack, you can. Likewise buying a live hairy crab like a bar of candy, or picking up a fresh head of lettuce from a machine, these are all vending machine realities.

For example, take a look at the main image. Live hairy crabs are sold in a vending machine in China. The low temperatures of the refrigerated unit keep the crabs alive but dormant. When did live hairy crabs become a food of convenience?

Check out these other impressive weird and wonderful vending machines from around the world in the bid to keep the convenience coming.

The freshly cooked pizza vending machine

Let's Pizza is a pizza vending machine that, starting from dough, will make a pizza, apply sauce, toppings and finish it in an oven. The machine is a fully automated pizza maker taking just three minutes.

The Burrito Vending Machine

The Burrito Box is a burrito vending machine using 100% natural ingredients and offers up to five different kinds of burritos, including: roast potato with egg and cheese, egg and cheese with uncured bacon and three other options that lead with chorizo, chicken and shredded beef.

The world's first champagne vending machine

The world's first champagne vending machine. This was spotted last year located at Selfridges, an upmarket department store in London. The vending machine dispenses mini bottles of Moet & Chandon for £17.99 (an estimated $30). The machine is stocked with 350 bottles of bubbly and makes buying champagne a breeze, afterall shopping's thirsty work.

The Farmer's Fridge vending machine

Now, there's a new kid on the block: behold the Farmer's Fridge vending machine. Instead of being stocked with chips, soda and other junk food the machine sells good-for-you fresh foods.

The French Fry Vending Machine

The French fry vending machine this Belgian machine that kicks out fresh fries in just over a minute. The machine actually fries the potatoes fresh giving them that distinct fatty crispness that we associate with a good fry.

The Mashed Potato Vending Machine

One of automated food supply with the mashed potato vending machines from Singapore. These little gems kicks out a monstrous mix of mashed potato and chicken gravy for those who love mash so much they prefer to have it served ice cream style and drink it through a straw.

Photo: Dentu

Japan's "portable garden" called the Chef's Farm uses fluorescent bulbs to churn out 60 heads of lettuce per day.

Baguette Vending Machine


A freshly baked French baguette appearing in a vending machine seems to be the antithesis of everything about a french boulangerie. Nonetheless they have appeared to supply a growing demand of french baguettes at all times of the day.

Caviar vending machine

Photo: The Huffington Post

This was a luxury vending machine based in LA. Fortunately it accepts credit cards as an ounce of caviar could cost up to $500. 

Have a look at this comedy video to see just what lengths people will go to to recieve their vending machine delites:

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