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Breathtaking Water Droplets Suspended Mid Air

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Breathtaking Water Droplets Suspended Mid Air
Photo Naoko Okabe

An indispensable part of every day living, water not only nourishes us but inspires people like Naoko Okabe. In her stunning sculpture Gift from Above, the Tokyo-based artist used fired and glazed clay to depict water droplets falling from the sky into blue bowls.

The entire sculpture looks like it is made of Venetian glass and measures 4 x 4 x 4 feet. You'll notice how the water droplets gradually change from navy blue to sky blue - and even seem to have another drop forming underneath.

On her blog, Okabe explained what how her creative process affects her as an artist: "The act of art making has a cleansing effect on me. It is not therapy. Yet it soothes me. It balances me."

Via My Modern Met

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