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This Beautiful Art is Made from Waste Food

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This Beautiful Art is Made from Waste Food

New York City photographer Aliza Eliazarov turns waste food into beautiful looking still lives in her photography project 'Waste not'.

Photographing food she has salvaged from dumpsters or found discarded around the city she gives the food is given its moment in the spotlight by turning the trash into something more like a 17th Century Dutch still life painting.

“I was trying to figure out how to show this food that gets wasted in this beautiful way,” Eliazarov told takepart. She goes on to say that in the era when artist Millet painted his gleaners, “the kind of food waste that exists today would have not existed. There was a reverence for food that we don’t have today.”

Much of her recent work focuses on the theme of sustainability, food, farming and education issues, and gives a window to the world on the highly contentious subject of waste food.

Here are some more examples of her work, swing by Eliazarov's website for some other thought provoking shots.

Juice rescued from dumpster.

Tomatoes rescued from kerbside garbage.

A rescued cantaloupe melon that fed hungry New Yorkers at a mobile market.

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