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Chinese People Are Buying Bottled Air from Canada

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Chinese People Are Buying Bottled Air from Canada

We recently highlighted the news of a restaurant in China that was recently caught and ordered to stop charging its customers for fresh air.

Now, we can report that some people in China are actually purchasing bottles of fresh air from Canada to avoid the polluted air when travelling.

The idea, started as a bit of fun by a company called Vitality Air seems to have found its niche in China as it’s reported that rich citizens are now buying up the bottled air.

The company behind the product say they have 4,000 more bottles on route to China after initial sales did well. They also say that most of the bottle have already been purchased.

The company say they bottle the air from the Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains and that it sells for 100 yuan - around $15.00.

They say that most of their customers are wealthy Chinese women from heavily populated areas in the country.

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