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Apparently We're All Grating Cheese Wrong

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Apparently We're All Grating Cheese Wrong
A new video has got millions of people questioning the way they grate their cheese. The video that just went viral was a clip from a recipe by Tastemade UK for mac and cheese, but it’s clearly not the mac and cheese that’s getting all the attention. 

In the recipe, it shows the grater lying on its side and the cheese grated horizontally so it's collected inside the grater and not on the board with the verticle method, now some of you are saying, of course, while others have the same  bemused look many of us at FDL HQ had when we first watched the video.  

It's left millions on Twitter and Instagram stumped on the way we should be positioning the grater when grating cheese and we have to admit, apparently, there are a lot of vertical graters out there in the world. 

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