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Urban Gardening Inside the Growroom

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Urban Gardening Inside the Growroom
Photo R Hjortschoj

Space 10 in Copenhagen, a “future living lab and exhibition space,” has developed a prototype urban gardening module to spark conversation and ideas around possible food producing architecture for spatially–challenged cities.

The Growroom is a cylindrical metal structure with shelves for planter boxes and free standing plants, which also doubles as a small social space, akin to a flora–filled gazebo.

Produced in collaboration with architects Mads-Ulrik Husum and Sine Lindhol, the prototype "multi-sensory pavillion" was recently exhibited in Copenhagen, at both the Chart Art Fair and the Vice Munchies Food Fair.

Alona Vibe

Cammilla Hjort, Director of Space10 said: “We’re inviting you to step inside the growing green haven, smell and taste the abundance of herbs and plants, and hopefully it will spark passion about growing your own food in the future.”

While interest in urban gardening has flourished in recent years, with many people catching the grow your own food bug, space in cities is increasingly limited and there is a premium placed on fertile land fit for urban agriculture.

Alona Vibe

Many people are now looking for solutions to the city gardening problem. Square Roots is a New York–based initiative that wants to train people to become “real food entrepreneurs” through growing food in hydroponic vertical farms, while this MIT scientist has developed a ‘food computer’ with the intention of making mass climate–controlled food growing a reality.

Update 24/02/17: Here are instructions for how to build your own Growroom, available as open source.

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