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Amazing Underwater Footage of An Egg Being Poached

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Amazing Underwater Footage of An Egg Being Poached
Photo Screen capture via Youtube

A properly poached egg is a thing of beauty but capturing the process underwater takes things to a whole other level of awesomeness. In this video you'll watch the science and art that goes into creating a perfectly poached egg.

In order to capture this amazing footage, Reddit user MakeSushi1 packed his GoPro camera in the standard underwater case before inserting it in the hot water. Poaching an egg requires temperatures typically ranging from 180° to 190°F (82 to 87 degrees Celsius),  which means the water wasn't boiling but it was hot enough to cause major burns.

The camera man explained that the air inside the case got too hot, causing the case to fracture and leak."This was towards the end so as soon as it happened I pulled it out before much water could get in.... honestly thought I broke it, once it cooled down though it started to work again and to my surprise it now works fine and saved the video footage!"

Here's a look at the epic underwater video of the egg being poached:

Via Lost at E Minor

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