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The Taste of Emotion: Multi-Sensory Dining at Ultraviolet

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The Taste of Emotion: Multi-Sensory Dining at Ultraviolet

Chef Paul Pairet was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at Asia's 50 Best Restaurants in 2013 for his work in the Shangri-La Hotel, his Mr and Mrs Bund restaurant and most recently his multi sensory dining restaurant Ultraviolet in Shanghai.

Ultraviolet features a range of interesting technology from lighting to projections on the walls and even the tables. The venue, which is kept secret from the diners lucky enough to get a seat, even has technology fitted to disperse scent at certain points throughout the meal increasing diners perception of smell.

It's a dining playground and falls well within the realm of Ferran Adria's favorite new phrase of 'Techno Emotional' cuisine - food that aims to combine with the senses and heighten the emotion of those who experience it - a 22 course feast with dishes, surroundings, staff and visuals all working in harmony.

Until now, we've been kept a little in the dark about what a meal actually looks like at the Ultra Violet restaurant, however, in a new video by The New York Times we can now look behind the scenes at the restaurant, hearing from the chef and discovering just how a dinner at this futuristic restaurant plays out.

It's a fascinating look at 'Off The Plate' dining which seems to be growing in popularity across the world, Pairet may have been the first but now we have the Secret Restaurant in London, the Roca Brother's culinary opera el Somni and the Adria's 41 Degrees experience in Barcelona - it seems multi-sensory dining is here to stay as the taste of emotion becomes a big part of the overall dining experience.

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