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Have Trendy Restaurants Gone Too Far?

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Have Trendy Restaurants Gone Too Far?

We all love a trendy new restaurant, it’s kind of what we’re about at FDL, but we know that it can sometimes go a bit too far. You know, the place where even after an hour of reading you don’t understand the menu or the place where the staff seem to care more about their beard than your beer.

This funny video from College Humor takes a closer look at these funky hipster restaurants and pokes around in the food with a satirically spiked fork.

Strange names for dishes? Check. A crazy menu concept? Check. Obnoxious server who talks down to you like a child? Check. This place has it all.

Watch as two customers sit down for a nice meal only to find themselves totally confused by what exactly it is they’re about to order.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we?


Via Eater 

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