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14 Points for Opening a Trendy Restaurant

By FDL on

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14 Points for Opening a Trendy Restaurant

Want to open up a bustling hipster bar packed with full wallets and well groomed moustaches? If that’s your kind of thing then this infographic offers up some, ahem, sound advice.

Trendy Restaurant: a simple guide, was created by Ben Horsley and features 14 different pointers to consider if you’re looking to open the latest bar in your city serving all their drinks in jars.

You’re going to need old books, old antiques - anything old really except actual old people, and you must have some bearded barmen - non negotiable.

It’s a super silly chart that’s sure to make you smile, just be careful not to crease the moustache when you do. Just make sure it doesn't end up full of these annoying customers. 



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