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An Idea Worth A Cheer: The Traveling Bicycle Bar

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An Idea Worth A Cheer: The Traveling Bicycle Bar
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Next time you need a drink don't bother heading to the bar, let it come to you. If you happen to be in London, this may be a possibility - just keep your eye out for the traveling bar on a bike.

Called the Travelling Gin Co., the bicycle bar is a real thing. The business was set up by Londoners Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis, who travel on their bikes throughout the city preparing and selling drinks.

The mobile bars are equipped with everything you need to make a drink - a selection of gins, mixers, limes, shakers - you name it. It's a pretty cool concept that is also eco-friendly. By far, this is the most unique bar set up we've ever heard of.

Do you know of any bizarre bars? Let us know in the comments.

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