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Behold The TomTato,
A Tomato-Potato 'Hybrid'

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Behold The TomTato,<br>A Tomato-Potato 'Hybrid'
Photo Thompson & Morgan/Youtube

Say hello to the TomTato, a tomato-potato plant hailed as the latest horticultural wonder. The TomTato produces cherry tomatoes on the vine but potatoes underground.

How is this all possible? Thanks to the classic technique of grafting, in which the tissues of two plants are combined so they can grow together, developers at Thompson-Morgan were able to produce the unique plant.  The company is selling TomTato seeds for those eager to plant their first crop in April.

Each TomTato is grafted by hand to ensure double cropping. But wait, how can one single plant yield a fruit (tomato) and a vegetable (potato) at the same time? The answer is in the fact that both tomatoes and potatoes belong to the nightshade family, a classification that also includes eggplants and bell peppers.

The TomTato can produce up to 500 cherry tomatoes that are ''sweeter than anything you can find on the market - the flavor is sugary yet tangy,'' according to the Morgan-Thompson video below. The plant yields white potatoes that are apt for boiling, mashing or frying.

Before you dismiss the TomTato for being gimmicky, consider that it's been in the making for 15 years without genetic modification. Check it out for yourself:

Via NBC News

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