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Bread Simple: Fun Toast Art

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Bread Simple: Fun Toast Art
Photo Adam Perry/Instagram

Mealtimes should be fun for children and one creative dad is certainly making sure they are for his young family.

UK-based Adam Perry, who can be found on Instagram as 2slicesoftoast, creates toast art using just two slices of toast, butter and a knife. So far he’s recreated several famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge, as well as taking inspiration from daily family life.

Perry hit on the idea in an effort to make breakfast time more fun for his youngest daughter, nine, who has allergies and only eats white bread with sunflower spread every morning. “I started to feel really sorry for her that her breakfast was so boring everyday — the same, old two slices of white toast ... so I started playing with toast to get her excited about her breakfast again and to make both the girls laugh when they come down to eat,” Perry told WABC.

“It’s got to the stage now where I start stressing at night about what I’m going to make in the morning, and can’t sleep,” he continued. “Often when I pop the toast down in the toaster, I still don’t have any idea what I’m going to create.”

Perry hopes to compile a book of toast art spanning 365 days of bread art creations. Is he a dad of the year contender? Quite possibly, yes.

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