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Cute Alert - Tiny Hedgehog Eats Tiny Birthday Cake

By FDL on

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Cute Alert - Tiny Hedgehog Eats Tiny Birthday Cake

Stressed at work on the last day of your week? Need something to stave off that Friday afternoon lag? How about a tiny hedgehog attending its very own tiny hedgehog party complete with tiny hedgehog cake made using ‘hedge safe’ ingredients such as bananas, sugar-free applesauce, and frosting made with no sugar yogurt and rice flour before it’s dyed with beet?

Sounds absolutely crazy but we all know that when it comes to the internet, crazy is often just a few clicks away.

The video comes from Hello Denizen - a comedy TV channel that found some instant success recently with a video of a tiny hamster eating a tiny burrito.

They’re even calling for peoples suggestions for what tiny animals and food to combine for their third episode.

We get it, it’s mind bogglingly mental, but you just can’t help watching and for a Friday afternoon it’s perfect.

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