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Watch Artist Make World’s Smallest Lasagna

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Watch Artist Make World’s Smallest Lasagna
Photo Screengrab / YouTube

Artist Jay Baron is a giant (in his) food world: quite literally. The artist makes edible tiny food and shares the results on his YouTube channel Walking with Giants. In the video below we see him make the world’s smallest lasagna.

Using candle heat, first he puts salted water on to boil for the pasta. Then he fries ground beef in oil with garlic and herbs, before creating an unconventional cheese sauce of parmesan, mozzarella, cottage cheese and eggs – no mini béchamel here. Finally, he layers his lasagna and bakes the tiny food in a mini clay oven. And you no what? The results look as they should be: gooey, meaty and flavoursome.

Watch the fun video below and also see Boran making a chicken noodle soup further down. How many of these tiny edible lasagnes do you think you’d have to eat to get full?

If you enjoyed watching this tiny food being prepared, you might also like the work of Japan’s Miniature Space, another YouTuber making tiny food.

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