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Amazing Tiny Landscapes Painted on Food

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Amazing Tiny Landscapes Painted on Food
Photo Hasan Kale

Turkish artist Hasan Kale has painted tiny landscapes on the most unexpected canvases. So far, his grandiose works of art appear on small chocolate squares, sliced almonds, peanut shells and even sliced dehydrated bananas.

While you may need a magnifying glass to appreciate some of his micro-art, there's no doubt Kale produces stunning masterpieces.  His remarkable work is inspired by his native Istanbul and brings to mind this intricate 18th-century carving made from an olive pit.

Kale has experimented with micro-art before and says his new goal is to paint a silhouette of Istanbul on a strand of hair. That's a pretty impressive challenge but nothing seems out of reach for this talented painter.

Take a look at his amazing tiny landscapes below. You'll find more of Kale's mini food art on Facebook

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