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The World's Hottest Vodka with a 100,000 Scovile Rating

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The World's Hottest Vodka with a 100,000 Scovile Rating

When a drink's strongest strap line is that "it will make you cry" then it's usually one that's worth avoiding but if you like a challenge and you like your alcohol spicy then maybe you will appreciate the world's spiciest vodka.

Made with Naga Jolokia chilli, one of the hottest chilies on the planet, the vodka measures in with over 100,000 units on the scoville chart, a system used to measure the heat of chillies. For some comparison a jalopeno chili comes in at around 5,000 on the scoville chart.

Naga Chilli Vodka is one super hot drink as shown in the promotional video in which one guest proclaims that he can feel the drink in his tears.

If you really are into heat and think you're tough enough to handle the world's hottest vodka then it's available online costing around $63. The Daily Mail reports that the drink is hotter than pepper spray but that there is a market for such a drink.

They spoke with Dawn Davies a Selfridges' Spirits expert who said, 'This product is truly one of a kind and we anticipate the type of customer to buy this will be a chilli connoisseur who understands the rarity and incredible strength of such a product."

Whoever decides to buy it, judging by the video below, they best be in for one hot ride.


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