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The Robot Restaurant with a Wall-E Waiter

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The Robot Restaurant with a Wall-E Waiter

A fully automated robot future is what many predict we are heading towards. We already have robot hoovers, fridges that think for us and ovens you can turn on with a text. One of the most adoptive markets to robot technology has been in the restaurant industry and especially in the super tech countries such as China and Japan.

We've brought you stories in the past of a dancing robot waiter but this restaurant in China goes one step further. They employ, for no pay of course, eighteen robots servers, cleaners and cooks who serve dumplings, noodles and even cleaning away plates and cutlery when diners have finished their meal.

There's a drinks robot, a singing robot to entertain guests, a dog robot and even one modeled on the famous Pixar character Wall E. From order to preparation and presentation the robots, which cost around 200,000 Yen, take care of all the tasks managed by a human who can control the entire robot fleet from a computer.

Robots at the Haohai Restaurant still don't tell jokes or recommend a decent special but with a few tweaks here and there this miniature robot army could well be coming to a restaurant near you.

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