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The Play in Your Kitchen

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The Play in Your Kitchen

Dinner parties can be difficult, what to cook, will the recipe work out, how should you dress the table and how exactly can you entertain your guests? All valid worries when trying to plan the perfect dinner party and one, that at least for the last option of entertaining, the British theater group Mora has you covered.

They've launched a show called 'crumble' and plan to perform it in the kitchens of apartments throughout New York. The group take over people's apartment, cooking food and serving snacks to guests as they perform.

Described as a dark and funny story of a woman trying to escape her monotonous existence, the theatre company hopes to bring a spark of life into kitchens around the world.
Tickets are currently sold out but the company is looking for friendly New Yorkers to host a show in their kitchen. What a great idea and a great way of combining food, entertainment and art - all in the kitchen.

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