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The Perennial Plate Explores The Mighty Coconut (Video)

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The Perennial Plate Explores The Mighty Coconut (Video)
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How many uses can the humble coconut have? A lot! That's what the folks at The Perennial Plate discovered during a trip to Sri Lanka.

While visiting a farm owned by a family of eight, the blogging globetrotters shot a video called Coconut: Nose to Tail, which depcts the incredible significance of this tropical fruit. 

Coconuts, it turns out, are a source of food and nourishment that stretches far from the kitchen. Not a single part of it is wasted. In the hands of the knowledgeable coconuts become milk, alcohol, flour, oil, rope, roofing, and much more. 

Watch the dangerous way in which coconuts are harvested and prepare to be amazed. We bet you'll never take coconuts for granted ever again.

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