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Tate Britain Developing Paintings You Can Taste

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Tate Britain Developing Paintings You Can Taste

Fireworks you can taste, edible operas at Michelin-starred restaurants, animated plates…the world of multi-sensory dining has always created exciting opportunities for adventurous eaters. Now, the Tate Britain in London is contributing its grain of salt by creating paintings you can taste.

Called Tate Sensorium, the museum’s upcoming exhibit will combine art with new technology like binaural recordings (which create uncanny sounds) and ultrahaptics (which produce sound waves you can touch). Treated paper or aerosols will also be used to enhance the olfactory experience, Quartz reports.

To make this all come together nicely the Tate is also searching for a “taste person” with a scientific background.

“It’s all slightly experimental, but that’s also why the scientists are really interested in being involved, because we’ll actually be doing a lot of measurements around how people react to everything. And from an artistic point of view…if we can complement your visual experience with these other four senses in a meaningful way, then maybe we can change how you feel about the art,” explains Tom Pursey, one of the founders of Flying Object, the London-based creative agency collaborating on the exhibit.

The exhibit featuring paintings you can taste will open this Fall so if you're up for multi-sensory art don't miss the opportunity to visit the Tate Britain.

Via Quartz

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