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Contemporary Take on Still Life

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Contemporary Take on Still Life

Berlin based photographer Tabea Mathern is an exciting visual artist stretching the realms of still life with her conceptual photography of food.

Whilst most of the scenes captured on camera might be a nod to the traditional still life philosophy, behind each image lies a hidden message. A suspended sliced apple is a tribute to the moon, a banana covered with rainbow paint reminds us of pride, a sprouting plant ‘embodies hope.’

"Capturing and collecting moments, colours, thoughts and things too often put them into a new context. My photography, set designs and projects are fuelled by everyday phenomena and the fascination with humankinds constant search" she reflects on her website.

Mathern's love of travel is also a clear inspiration in her work, "Breathing new air can change a lot."

The Island’ is the first photo below and was inspired by Tabea’s first trip to the Caribbean where she was captivated by a variety of new and strange colours and patterns. "There’s something special about the whole concept of an island, a microcosms on its own, fully surrounded by water, purportedly detached from the mainland’s reality, pledging escapism, seeming to offer a whole new world."

This photograph is one of 52 in a series of photos Mathern took every week for a year in Stilllifestories each with a small story behind. You can see some examples below.

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