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Sustainable Lights Made from Mushrooms

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Sustainable Lights Made from Mushrooms

In an ironic twist of design, mushrooms, traditionally grown in the dark, can now be used to shed light in our homes when they're transformed into sustainable lamps.

Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe has created a MushLume lighting collection of pendant and table lamps by combining the impressive re-generative growth rate of mushroom mycelium on crop waste with 3D printed technology.

Essentially the lampshades grow themselves in four to seven days, depending on their desired size, from where they are de-moulded, dried, heated and finished.

The result proving that nature has the capacity to lend itself to sustainable design.

There's an example of her work below.

In theory, as the lights are made from organic matter you could actually eat them, although Trofe warns they probably wouldn't taste that good.

Take a look at her fascinating talk on how she created her mushroom designs:

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