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Glowing Sushi: How to Turn a Fish Into a Lamp

By FDL on

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Looking for the most unexpected way to astonish your guests? Learn how to make glowing sushi at home and in case you don't want to eat it, you could use the same technique to make a sort of 'fishy candles'.

The idea comes from the Center for Genomic Gastronomy, which has put together a series of instructions and video recipes to make your own fluorescent sushi: a web-based cooking show that plays on the tropes of 20th century television cooking programmes to create a humorous and satirical take on the commercialisation of recent discoveries in life sciences.

The aim of the project - hosted at Dublin's Science Gallery until the 05th of April - is to highlight the possibility to use transgenic ingredients, such as biolumiscent zebrafishes (whose genes are taken from glow-in-the-dark bacteria or jellyfish), to learn about cutting edge biotechnology.

The theme is controversial and still highly disputed: is glowing food really edible and what, if any, are the health risks ? So, as stunning as they look, we're not sure you should rush to cook up some fluorescent fish just yet.


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