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Stitched Fish | Food Art Made of Wool

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Stitched Fish | Food Art Made of Wool
Photo Cardigan

Here at Fine Dining Lovers, we are fans of knitted and crocheted food art. We've featured a knitted butcher shop and delighted you with crocheted sushi and a knitted happy meal. Now there's one more artist who works her magic on wool, turning it into delectable food art.

We're referring to Kate Jenkins, whose crocheted food is just brilliant. Kate stitches all sorts of British classics and tops them off with sequins for flair. There's the fish and chips and also the red mullet with chips and peas. She's even gone as far as crocheting a Marmite jar, canned sardines and canapes. Her works are so impressive they sell for over $2,000.

Kate's Stitched Fish collection  is currently on display at Field & Fork restaurant at Pallant House in Chichester, UK. The exhibit will run until 7th October. If you can't see Kate's impressive works of art in person, witness her talent in the images below. 

Via Cardigan

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