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Fancy Some Spicy Sriracha Stilettos?

By FDL on

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Fancy Some Spicy Sriracha Stilettos?

 It's official, the world is mad for sriracha. The spicy chili condiment has appeared in a number of strange and exotic dishes and people's passion for the product continues to grow.

We were not surprised by sriracha lollypops and didn't blink at sun dried tomato sriracha hummus but the last thing we expected to see is sriracha footwear.

These heels are designed and hand-painted by the design team at Hourglass Footwear, a company that paints custom designs on a range of women's shoes.

Sriracha high heels, sriracha flats and sriracha stilettos are all available but we warn you they don't come cheap. A pair of the company's spicy stilettos will set you back $130.


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