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Time to Taste Your Favourite Song

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Time to Taste Your Favourite Song

Get ready to taste your favorite song thanks to this juicer that mixes drinks inspired by music.

The Squeeze Music juicer, produced by the Japanese company Nomura, analyses music looking for sentiment such as happy, romantic and sad - it then matches these with different tastes such as sour, sweet, and bitter.

It’s a totally whacky idea but one that offers up an interesting opportunity for people to actually taste a piece of music, at least how a computer perceives a piece of music.

We can’t help but wonder what some of the classic musicians might sound like, a tasty citrus shot of James Brown funk? A tea based cocktail for the Beatles?

The juicer analyses a total of five different moods in music which can be matched with the five basic tastes. One of the developers who worked on the project, Akinori Goto, spoke with Extra Crispy about how the device might be used. “At a music festival, for example, you can enjoy the experience to have a drink blended according to a song while listening to it at the gig,” he said. 

Watch the juicer in action below.


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