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Need Energy? Spritz Yourself With Caffeinated Spray

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Need Energy? Spritz Yourself With Caffeinated Spray
Photo Sprayable Energy

If you are not a coffee lover but would like to enjoy its stimulating effects, this caffeinated spray was designed with you in mind.

Called Sprayable Energy, this caffeine-fueled spray gives you an instant energy fix without the bitterness or aftertaste of coffee. You simply spray yourself four times (twice on each side of the neck) and you'll be ready to go.

This revolutionary spray was developed by 21-year old tech fellow Ben Yu and Deven Soni, a 33-year old venture capitalist.  Yu was inspired by nicotene patches and recruited his father to help him develop the spray which, as it turns out, has less caffeine than a cup of joe, according to The Huffington Post.

This statement from the Sprayable Energy website explains why the spray is just as effective as a cup of coffee althrough it contains less caffeine:

''The reason for this is our product, not being ingested, isn't almost entirely metabolized by the liver before entering your system and becoming available to your body. Thus, a smaller amount of caffeine can have just the same effect as a very large amount of caffeine ingested through an energy drink or cup of coffee.''

The product is pending FDA approval but you can already purchase a bottle via Indiegogo. Each bottle contains an estimated 40 uses, equivalent to about 160 sprays. Check out how Sprayable Energy works:

Via The Huffington Post

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