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The Greatest April Fools Food Prank Ever

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The Greatest April Fools Food Prank Ever

With April Fool's Day upon us, we all have to be extra vigilant in order not to end up with egg on our faces.

But back in 1957, the BBC pulled off what has to be the greatest April Fools Day food prank ever. It's leading current affairs programme Panorama, which is still running incidentally, broadcast a three minute report on April Fool's Day that preported to show a family in Ticino, Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from 'spaghetti trees.' The piece was narrated by esteemed broadcaster Richard Dimbleby.

At the time, spaghetti was seen as very exotic in the UK (remember rationing had only just ended three years earlier). Some knew it was a hoax, others were angry that a serious news programme was engaging in an April Fool's prank, and others, well a number contacted the BBC in search of advice on how to grow their own spaghetti trees!

Take a look at the amazing original spaghetti-tree hoax footage below.

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